Photography is one of the topics I am really passionate about, so I really thought I should enhance my knowledge about this stuff. After skimming through a lot of literature online, now I will pour down whatever I could figure out about these machine starting with their history.

The earlier cameras were very simple objects, they had a shutter to block light and a photosensitive material to capture that light, when the shutter opened. The only problem, you wouldn’t actually see what you are capturing, it was all guesswork. To solve this not so difficult problem, viewfinders were introduced, for the photographer to look through and compose their image, but this was a completely different lens than the one that focused light on the film and the result is that you are composing with one lens and shooting with another which created parallax. These cameras, a.k.a Twin lens reflex (TLR) a term not many are familiar with, wouldn’t actually produce the same thing that you are seeing through the viewfinder.

Enter Single Lens Reflex(SLR) Cameras. To solve this parallax problem, the engineers designed a machine that was capable of allowing the photographers to see and expose through the same lens. With the clever mechanism of moving parts the SLR cameras reflect the light coming through the lens to optical viewfinders.When the shutter is pressed the mirror moves and the same light is captured on the photosensitive film. The Digital SLRs use photosensors instead of films to capture images. The digital technology has totally changed the way people see photography. One of the best features is that people can actually see the result of the photograph and make appropriate changes on the fly, which wasn’t possible in the film version cameras, thus diminishing the time taken to learn photography. One of the reasons we now see a lot of people with no knowledge of photography going in for DSLRs.

Although most of the point and shoot cameras have separate lenses but these cameras cleverly use the same lens and sensors to create an image on the screen thus replacing the second lens, which brings us now to the introduction of mirrorless cameras.

Mirrorless cameras enjoy the technology from both point and shoot cameras and DLSRs. As there is no mirror this makes the body compact, smaller and cheaper to design and also the lenses can be replaced as in DSLRs. Like the body the lenses are also compact and cheaper for the manufacturer to design thus making the overall cost of the camera much lower than the DSLR but at the same time taking the same quality images


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