Re-registration of vehicles in a different state in India

These days a lot of people have to relocate to a different state in India because of work and they tend to take their vehicles with them. Traffic sleuths are always looking for a out of state vehicles to slap a huge fine and most people tend to bribe their way out because seriously who wants to get involved in matters concerning RTO and pay the whole road tax when they are actually for a short term period in another city, but all these vows can be avoided, a lesson I learnt the very hard way. It so happened that I moved to Pune and I didnt know about the correct procedure, I got caught a couple of times and then I couldnt take it anymore so I decided to get my vehicle registered in Maharashtra(as suggested by a dalal whom I met at Pune RTO). Re-registering a vehicle is not actually required but those dalal(read bastards) would say its better to get it registered to churn out more money from your pockets. The right thing to do here is just pay the road tax for another state, this sounds crazy as you are not going to stay permanently in another state but what most people don’t know is that there is a provision to get a refund if the stay is for a short time and the refund is calculated for the number of months stayed. So all you have to do is to get a NOC(no objection certificate) which is required so that the RTO knows that their are no pending cases on that vehicle or if the vehicle actually belongs to you. Getting a NOC is fairly easy, all you have to do is to go to the RTO where you vehicle is registered and they will tender the NOC in a day or two without any charges. Next when you arrive in another city then within a month pay the road tax. The papers that you need for paying the road tax are as follows

  • NOC
  • PUC
  • Insurance
  • License 
  • RC book

Well and thats all their is to it. You can get everything done in a days time just keep in mind not to contact any dalals in between or you will have to pay extra and it might take more time and a lot of headaches. Also if you dont pay the road tax within a month when the NOC  was tendered then the RTO will charge you extra for the months you have stayed in another city. So no re-registration is required all you have to do is to pay the road tax.


9 thoughts on “Re-registration of vehicles in a different state in India

  1. we are all indians then what the point of reregistering in another state? In these days police can track all vehicles in the country. We are ready to pay the tax of another state but this changing number process is a headache….. Why govt not removing such bad rules?

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. I have been searching the internet for days for clues and information as I am moving to Pune and I did not know what the hell to do. I did not want to re register my car and also did not want the cop’s trouble. I will get the NOC from current state and pay tax in Pune but that is also sad. My car is under finance and I know I have to get one NOC from them as well 😦 before I go to the RTO current state RTO.

    Can you tell me if I can pay the tax for 1- 2 years of did you pay for lifetime in Pune?

    I hate Indian RTO

    • Well that is the problem with maharashtra, the cops are unyielding once they see that you have a vehicle from out of state, they will bugger you until you pay off. I would suggest that you pay life time tax and when you are moving out of Pune get it reimbursed.

  3. Hi Saad,
    Thanks for this article.
    One more thing – do I require any other documents than you have mentioned above?
    Like Address proof and all?
    Plz reply soon as I have my NOC ready from Chhattisgarh and wanting to take my car in Pune.

    • My experience with Pune RTO has been the worst, there are agents outside mostly interested in taking money out of you and that too huge amount of money, but no matter how much you feel like paying them I would suggest not to go ahead with it, they will only ask you for the money and you will still have to do most of the work, as an address proof, I would suggest keep an address proof of where you are currently staying in Pune, like rent agreement, and electricity bill and also an address proof of your permanent home, just to be on the safe side as each state and each RTO professional has their own rule.

  4. What If I don’t know how long I will be staying in Maharashtra? Does the paying road tax contain information about how long u are staying in the state? If I don’t re-register and pay life time tax; and stay for 20 years, then is it required to register after some time like after 1 0r 2 years?
    I simply dont want 2 change my registration but I dont know after how many years I will be back to my home state Chhattisgarh where my veh is registerd already.

    Please suggest if paying road tax is all I need to do in Pune RTO irrespective of the number of years I am staying here?????

  5. Hi Saad,

    I have paid the road tax for MH state in Pune RTO.
    But I have heard that for staying more than a year requires re-registration too along with the tax paid.

    Please advise. I don’t want to re-register it here because I may go back after 3 years to my home state where it is already registered.


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