Click if you want to know who I am

Key Ingredients:

  • 20% Imagination
  • 15% Thirst for learning new technologies
  • 25% Passion for things I do and create
  • 20% Skills
  • 15% Nerd factor
  • 15% Dash of Creativity on the top

that’s how I define myself

110% awesome

An Engineer, technology enthusiast, dreamer, an avid blog reader, art lover (I am a self proclaimed artist,I love to sketch and paint), web is like my second home, I love to meet and interact with people on social media in real time online or offline.  I love to throw myself into situations where I don’t understand everything yet. That way I learn so much. Sometimes I fail, and sometimes I succeed. But the goal is to reemerge at the other end, doing something good. Here in this blog I would be attempting to do something like that,exploring the world of technology and  I would love to answer any questions that you might have.



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