Re-registration of vehicles in a different state in India

These days a lot of people have to relocate to a different state in India because of work and they tend to take their vehicles with them. Traffic sleuths are always looking for a out of state vehicles to slap a huge fine and most people tend to bribe their way out because seriously who wants to get involved in matters concerning RTO and pay the whole road tax when they are actually for a short term period in another city, but all these vows can be avoided, a lesson I learnt the very hard way. It so happened that I moved to Pune and I didnt know about the correct procedure, I got caught a couple of times and then I couldnt take it anymore so I decided to get my vehicle registered in Maharashtra(as suggested by a dalal whom I met at Pune RTO). Re-registering a vehicle is not actually required but those dalal(read bastards) would say its better to get it registered to churn out more money from your pockets. The right thing to do here is just pay the road tax for another state, this sounds crazy as you are not going to stay permanently in another state but what most people don’t know is that there is a provision to get a refund if the stay is for a short time and the refund is calculated for the number of months stayed. So all you have to do is to get a NOC(no objection certificate) which is required so that the RTO knows that their are no pending cases on that vehicle or if the vehicle actually belongs to you. Getting a NOC is fairly easy, all you have to do is to go to the RTO where you vehicle is registered and they will tender the NOC in a day or two without any charges. Next when you arrive in another city then within a month pay the road tax. The papers that you need for paying the road tax are as follows

  • NOC
  • PUC
  • Insurance
  • License¬†
  • RC book

Well and thats all their is to it. You can get everything done in a days time just keep in mind not to contact any dalals in between or you will have to pay extra and it might take more time and a lot of headaches. Also if you dont pay the road tax within a month when the NOC  was tendered then the RTO will charge you extra for the months you have stayed in another city. So no re-registration is required all you have to do is to pay the road tax.